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The SCORECCIONE Brand was created from passion.Passion for life, fashion, style and individuality . We, the two young and ambitious visionaries decided to create a niche in a demanding world of fashion accessories.

We have been operating in the jewelry industry since 2009. Initially we exclusively sold Polish designers' jewelry . With time, Anne began to create her own collections, which were meant only for women. When a concept of men jewlery popped up in her head, we decided to go out on the limb, we moved from Krakow to Warsaw and changed the brand's direction of development by focusing on men's jewelry. In one word, we rebranded our lives, linking the new brand name with our own - Scoreccione.

It's in Ann's head that all the designs and models are created. She is inspired by nature, the world around her, everyday events and her own thoughts. She is also inspired by global trends in men's jewelry, which she intensively monitors. In the workshop of the SCORECCIONE brand, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and signet rings are created from semi-precious and precious stones, silver, gold and other metals. The entire process of creation is performed manually. It is both "fashion" jewlery - suitable for everyday clothing and "style" jewlery - for elegant suits and a nights out, including business outings. The wide group of clients consists of anonymous recipients, businessmen and media people including celebrities. We strongly emphasize social media promotion.

We want men to open up to modern fashion and attractive accessories, define their personal style, not avoid challenges and emphasize their individuality by wearing our products. The struggle against stereotypes and prejudices in men's fashion is our mission and a challenge for the brand. We believe that with your help Dear Customers, this mission has a chance of succeed.

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